Lead the team as head of HR & Administration. Major functional areas including Human Capital Management, Public Relations, Protocol, Security, Procurement and look after the role of Information Technology. Lead the policy formulation with regard to Human Capital Management & Internal operations. Act as Secretary to the HR Committee of the Board to provide input in decision making process to the management and at the strategic level to the Board. At times plays a role of change agent. Lead the Organizational Development (OD) process as part of management team and coordinate with local as well as foreign Organizations/consultants. Play leading role to anchor the process of successful merger of PPIB and AEDB. Part of the Market Implementation Group to transform PPIB role as IAA in the framework of CTBCM. Represented organization at many local & International forums. In the career journey of more than 25 years, practically demonstrate leadership abilities in many occasions. Strong skills to develop teams, organize activities and linking personal/ functional objectives to organizational objectives to create goodwill horizontally and vertically in the Organization. Major contributor to make HR as strategic partner of my current organization. Head of Harassment committee and advocate of Diversity Equity & Inclusion DEI. Lead functions of Talent management, acquisition, development and succession planning. Provide mentorship within organization and handle grievances of employees at all levels. Member of Society for Human Resource Management SHRM USA and member National Mirror Committee on standardization of HR practices in Pakistan. Member /Head of organizational level committees like, Recruitment/ Selection, Medical, Loan and Advances, Performance Management, Discipline, Media Selection, Auction, Procurement and Investment Committee etc. Attended dozens of workshops/seminar and trainings at local as well as International Level.
Currently part of the committee formed by Ministry of Energy Power Division, to Implement World Bank Program.

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