Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan  Leghari

Federal Minister for Power Division, Ministry of Energy/ Chairman PPIB

Minister's Profile

Pakistan offers tremendous energy potential for consumers and investors alike, although, in the past this potential was inadequately tapped because of a wide demand supply gap resulting in mostly reactive policy making. However, because of the adoption and implementation of an aggressive generation conducive policy framework in the last three years, the demand supply gap has been almost eliminated, enabling us to proactively work towards the development of a commercially sustainable and investor friendly energy environment in Pakistan.


Power generation plants which were initiated by the current government have been consistently adding to the national grid, and sufficient megawatts have become available with the materialization of short and medium-term projects. Long term projects for meeting future requirements of country are also underway. The fuel mix for electricity production has also been improved because of which, thousands of megawatts are today being implemented through hydro, RLNG, local & imported coal, and nuclear fuels/technologies. To supplement these initiatives, PPIB has also actively encouraged the private sector to invest in power evacuation, and for the first time in the history of Pakistan, a transmission line project, being the first ever HVDC transmission line in Pakistan, has been initiated through private investment.


12-18 hours of daily load shedding is a thing of the past, and we expect Pakistan to be load shedding free in the short term. However, the Federal Government vision for the power sector extends beyond mere elimination of load shedding. We are working on a comprehensive plan to develop and implement a holistic policy for the power sector, which will provide certainty and predictability for future investors, thereby allowing a greater private sector footprint. This in turn will generate competition in the power markets - leading to higher efficiencies. Additionally, by enhancing regulatory standards and removing regulatory barriers, we hope to promote service delivery to the end consumer at par with the most efficient power sectors globally.


It is my firm belief that the key to the protection of electricity consumer rights in the country is the development and implementation of a proportionate regulatory and policy framework which encourages sustainable investment and liquidity in the sector, and it is keeping this in mind that we will move forward for a brighter Pakistan. 

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